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Hello, I’m
Greg Karpati

Digital Entrepreneur

Business Builder since 1997

Since my childhood I was always eager to create something from nothing, to build things. That has always been my passion.

First it was LEGO creations, then simple computer games, then small businesses like opening a pet food store in my bedroom for my parents, breeding hamsters to sell at a real pet store, starting a language tutoring service and a high school paper that supported itself financially through ads.

No wonder I became an entrepreneur as an adult and went on to create much more serious businesses, beginning in 1997.



2015 Endless Flux Labs

I founded my current company to work on innovative software products in a constantly changing digital environment. We created a publishing platform for news organizations, called Endless Media, that currently powers 26 news media sites, serves around 40 million visits per month and handles editorial processes for 15 print newspapers.

Our main focus today is creating innovative mobile apps that make people’s lives better. More on Endless Flux Labs »


2011 Web Agency

I launched a web agency called WebPartner, providing marketing advice as well as building & maintaining websites mostly for small businesses.


2007 e-Learning Platform

I co-owned and lead a company called Steery Technologies, developing an innovative e-Learning platform and also tutoring English courses leveraging it.


2005 Music Tutoring site

I built an online guitar tutoring membership site with a business partner, called GitarTanfolyam. It’s the market leader in Hungary ever since.


1999 Website Software

I developed an online software called BPP, enabling small businesses to build their own custom websites from templates, without coding.


1998 Real Estate Software

I developed an online management software for the real estate agents called Garibaldi, that also powered the public website of the agencies.


1997 Wine Website & shop

I created the first online wine magazine and store in Hungary called Borvirag. The company gained venture capital in 2000 and was renamed to CarpaVin.

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